“To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”–Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Virginia Integrative Medicine remains open for phone appointments for established patients with Dr. Wright.  Dr. Albert is no longer available for appointments.

  • Our Front Office is now closed and all communications need to take place through email or phone.
  • We will retain our phone number with voice mail and our usual email address, info@healthyvim.org.
  • Voicemail messages will be picked up once weekly, and calls will be returned.
  • Our mailing address will remain the same.
  • We no longer have a dedicated fax number.  If you need to fax something, please email us at info@healthyvim.org to arrange a day/time for a manual fax receive.
Please see this link to our letter explaining our need to close the practice.
VIM Updates and Office Hours
  • 2020 Dates for Appointments with Dr. Wright (all on Mondays from 2pm-8pm)
    • June 8th
    • July 13th
    • August 10th
    • September 14th
    • October 12th
    • November 9th
    • December 7th
  • You can now make appointments with Dr. Wright through our Patient Portal, as well as have access to your labs, recommendations, and other documents.  Please click the following link to access the Patient Portal.  You will need an email account and a text receiving cell phone in order to set up an account.


To schedule a visit, click on the following links (in order):

  • Portal link (above, then follow log-in instructions)
  • Provider
  • Peggy Wright
  • Schedule a visit
  • Visit type
  • To advance to the next month, click on the “>” between the  month and the year.  Do NOT click on the “next month” link at the bottom (it will take you to January 2019!).
  • PATIENT UPDATE FORM:  The Patient Update Form is now a fillable PDF.  You can download it, fill it out on your computer, and email it to info@healthyvim.org at least one day prior to your appointment.
  • Our website and our Patient Portal will continue to December 31, 2020.  


  • All supplements currently available from our office will be available through the Internet. You can buy them either from Wellevate (Emerson Ecologics website at a 20% discount) or directly from the manufacturer’s website (Natura, Thorne, or Xymogen) at a discount.  The instructions for ordering are already on our website under VIM Patient Resources.  Amazon.com also carries some of the more difficult to source products such as Iberogast and Real Mushrooms.  And, of course, Vitacost is always available.  If you need additional help, please email me at info@healthyvim.org.  
  • Natura Health Products Bulk Drop-ship program will continue to be available to established patients. For more information, click on VIM Patient Resources button on your left (you will need the password).  Then click on the Supplement link.

Contact Info

  • Our mailing address and our primary email address will remain the same; however, we may need to change our phone number.  This will be posted on the website when it does change.  The email address, info@healthyvim.org, is the best way to reach us.
  • Updates to our plans, as well as access to VIM Patient Resources will remain available here on our website.

Practitioner Referrals

  • To our knowledge, there are no practitioners in Charlottesville who do a functional and integrative medicine practice that is identical to ours.  However, both Dr. Albert and Dr. Wright have worked with collaboratively with the following medical physicians.
  • David Schwartz, MD, whom we have known for many years and greatly respect, has a small “Mom and Pop” integrative medicine practice similar to ours in Louisa. He does not take any insurance, including Medicare, but his charges are reasonable.  His office is open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  The office phone number is 540-967-2050. 
  • Norton Fishman, MD, another long term colleague, who has an integrative medicine practice focused on Lyme Disease, has recently moved his practice from Rockville, MD to Charlottesville. He is very experienced, and also has a “Mom and Pop” type practice. His practice also does not take Medicare, nor any other health insurance.  His current office number is 343-260-3777.

The VIM Front Office is permanently closed as of
Monday June, 17, 2019

We will no longer be open at this location, although our mailing address will remain: Virginia Integrative Medicine, 901 Preston Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22903.

Medical Records Release

We can provide copies of current records to you, or have copies sent to other practitioners. You can log onto the Patient Portal and directly download copies of your labs, diagnostic tests, prescriptions and current and former Recommendations and Treatment Plans.  You will need an email address and a cell phone that receives texts in order to set up an account.  You will be able to download Adobe pdf files that you can save or print as you need them. 

We can also fax a copy of your Health Summary and your last visit notes to your new medical provider.  Please download our  Medical Records Release Form-fillable.  It can be filled out on your computer.  Then save the form (you may need to use Save As), print, sign, and mail it to our office address.  Or, you may print, sign, scan and email it to our email address.

If you need further help, please leave a message at 434-984-2846 or email us at info@healthyvim.org.  

Medical Records Storage Policy

For most adults, we are required to store your chart for 6 years after your last visit.  Children will have their charts retained until they are 18 years old or 6 years after the last medical visit, whichever occurs later.
Prior to the end of the storage period, please send a signed request to our mailing address if you would like your chart sent to you when the storage period is up.  You will be charged for shipping and handling.  Please continue to update us with any address changes.    We will shred any chart not requested by the patient within the time-frame outlined above.




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