Appointments and Billing

We do not provide Primary Care services. This allows Dr. Albert to spend significantly more time with each patient without interruptions for acute care problems. Unless otherwise arranged, Dr. Albert spends 2 hours on the initial visit and 1 hour for follow-up appointments. Dr. Wright usually spends 1-1/4 hours for an initial appointment and ½ to 1 hour for follow-ups. Please see

What to Expect from Your Integrative Medical Evaluation for a thorough explanation of how we work with patients.

Because of the extensive amount of time scheduled for your first visit, Dr. Albert requires at least 5 business days notice for initial-visit cancellations (Monday for the following Monday and so on). This allows us to contact other new patients and gives them a chance to see Dr. Albert sooner. There is a $125 deposit due at the time the initial appointment is made, which is applied to the non-insurance reimbursable portion of the visit. The deposit, minus $25 fee, will be refunded if the cancellation occurs at least 5 business days before the initial appointment.

For specific information about our billing policy, please call our office at 434-984-2846. For general information regarding the rationale for our policy, please see An Explanation of Our Billing Policy.



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