The Practitioners

Doctors Albert and Wright are a husband and wife team who established Virginia Integrative Medicine | Comprehensive Health Care Providers in Charlottesville and work in partnership to provide comprehensive care for their patients.

Martin P. Albert, M.D.:  Dr. Albert is no longer practicing with Virginia Integrative Medicine.

Practicing integrative medicine is the fulfillment of my career, which has included family practice, community medicine, emergency care, and teaching medical students at UVA and the Medical College of Virginia. Over the past 10 years, I have intensively studied nutritional, herbal, functional, and mind-body approaches to health. I am board certified in Holistic Medicine by the American College of Holistic Medicine, and in Family Practice by the American Board of Family Medicine, and certified by the Academy of Guided Imagery. After medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, I trained at San Francisco General Hospital and in the US Public Health Service. I co-founded the Charlottesville Wellness Center Family Practice, where I practiced for 20 years. I am on the Visiting Staff of Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Peggy A. Wright, Ph.D., R.D., C.N.S.

I have worked as a clinician, graduate professor, and researcher in the field of Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) for over 20 years. My education includes bachelor’s (UC Berkeley) and master’s (Tufts University) degrees in nutrition and a doctorate in psychology (Saybrook Graduate School) with a specialization in Health, Consciousness, and Spirituality. I co-founded the Institute for Body, Mind, and Spirituality at Lesley University (Cambridge, MA), and recently completed a two-year research fellowship in Complementary and Alternative Therapies at the University of Virginia. I am a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a certified Interactive Guided Imagery practitioner.




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